Gender & Planning in a Tel Aviv – Jaffa Neighborhood

Florentine Neighborhood (ended in 2007)

Adi Magar

The Research deals with questions of identity, politics, and gender as related to women and men's everyday lives. The study examined the local characteristics of women's communities, as assembled in Florentine neighborhood, Tel- Aviv in order to gain insight as to women's planning needs, compared with men's needs. The research sought the meaning of a Gender sensitive environment, according to the social and cultural roles women and men perform in the community. The key hypothesis of the study was that women have a greater tendency to engage in planning actions. Women's planning actions in the neighborhood derived out of the gap between their present planning needs and their perceptions of the preferred space. Utilizing two years of field work, including neighborhood observations, interviews with the residents, interviews with urban planning municipal bodies and the Mahapach (Changeover) organization, the study revealed the importance of identifying gender needs and gender roles with regard to the planning and development of urban spaces in Israel and around the world