Constructing a sense of Belonging at the Margins of Globalization

Palestinian Women Citizens of Israel in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa

Hana Hamdan

Received PhD. in 2010. The research objectives are to examine the spatial practices and tactics employed by three generations of Palestinian women living in Jaffa, and to examine how these women defined and shaped their sense of belonging on three spatial levels: the home, the neighborhood and the city. The principal source of information is Palestinian women's narratives, conveyed in in-depth interviews, which undergone “thematic analysis”. The analyses of the narratives resulted in seven “concepts of belonging,”. The study suggested that belonging is generated by the use of various tactics vis-à-vis spatial strategies. The study shows that the Palestinian women in Jaffa did not surrender to strategies and relations of power. On the contrary, they created tactics and ways of maneuvering in spaces. Through these tactics the women expanded their practices and freedom of mobility, and appropriated daily spaces in accordance with their needs and aspirations.