Gay communities in Tel Aviv – Jaffa and Jerusalem

The construction of urban citizenship as a spatial negotiation process (ended in 2007)

Itay Manor

This research focused on understanding the components of gay daily life in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, by identifying the various practices of urban citizenship construction, in each city and by comparing between them. Three concepts lay in the foundations of the research: “belonging to a city”, “comfort in the city” and “urban citizenship”. From those concepts, three research questions were derived: a) do gay people, as individuals and as part of a community, have a sense of “belonging to a city”? If they do, in what way? What creates that feeling? B) What strengthens or weakens feelings of comfort in the city for individuals, couples, groups, and the community in the city? C) How is urban citizenship status constructed in each city? The findings of the research show a difference in these issues between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.