Action research on local community ction, in Ein-Hod, inspired

Action research on local community ction, in Ein-Hod, inspired by the Transition Initiative

This research aims to study the implementation of the Transition Model in Israel. The study examines the aspects that influence the local residents to act, and the influence of the activity on them and on the community.
The ’Transition Initiative’ model (also known as ’Transition Town’, but can take place in a building, neighborhood, etc.) is a community response to pressures from climate change, dwindling fossil fuel reserves or economic crises. The model was developed in England in 2006 and since then has virally spread to hundreds of communities all over the globe. This research is the first time it is introduced in Israel.
The research uses theories of Grassroot Innovation and the unique opportunities to create alternatives and to influence other, greater, levels of society.
The study is based on qualitative, study-case, action research. It takes place in Ein-Hod, an artist village on the Carmel Mountain that was badly damaged in the 2010 Carmel fire. The researcher generates the process with a core group of local residents.

The research received the 2011 Smaller-Vinikov grant for environmental research.
The research is contributing to the international "Transition Research Network".