PECLAB activities include public events such as conferences and workshop that are organized by PECLAB members as part of ‘The Planning and Environmental Justice Project’. The choice of the topics discussed in the conferences and workshops comes from day to day issues that are of interest and concern to academic researchers, professional planners, civil society organizations, students and the general public.

Workshop Experts: Archeology of the address urban planning – the case of Jaffa and Jerusalem | June 2018

Use-Re-Use  – Adaptive Modernism

Hosted by the Comas School of Design, workshop held at Salle F at the Giardini Venice, on June 7th, part of the biennale Sessions 2014.
Orgenized by: Arch. Carmella Jacoby-Volk, Dean Comas School of Design, Arch. Shelly Cohen, and Arch. Rebecca Sternberg

The Use-Re-Use: Adaptive Modernism workshop aimed at rethinking the current value and role of the modernist built tradition within evolving and divergent cultural, economic, political and social settings.

Experiencing a dramatic shift in the urban realities, occupancies, uses, economics and physical upkeep of the building stock of the near past, ‘Use-Re-Use’ called for a highly contextual and evolving trajectory for buildings and fabrics conceived and built under the guise of a “universal” modernist disposition.

The workshop included presentations by 27 international participants, grouped into 3 hour round tables:  Aging, Users, Leftovers.
Member of PECLAB Tovi Fenster and  Shelly Cohen participate the session addressing the issue of the users. Shelly Cohen, chaired the session, and Tovi  Fenster presented  the paper:” Whose Knowledge, Whose Power? Urban Regeneration Projects with Communities”, written in collaboration with Tal Kulka.

International Workshop: Contested Urban Spaces in the 21st Century: Planning with Recognition

16- 17 May, 2012
Workshop Progrem
Book of Abstracts

International Geographical Union Commission on Gender and Geography Pre – Conference Meeting on: Bridging Gendered Diversity in a Globalizing World

8-10 July, 2010

International Geographical Union Commission on Gender and Geography: Sessions in the main conference, Tel Aviv

12-16 July 2010

Cities of Tomorrow – Sustainability, Planning and Justice Today

10-12 June, 2009

The Cities of Tomorrow conference launched the formal opening of the PEC lab’s activities. It was an interdisciplinary conference, focused on exposing and analyzing significant processes and events that influence the development of urban environments in the global era. The conference organized as a meeting point between the various actors that influence the planning and the design of cities of tomorrow: academicians, NGOs, official planners from the establishment, philanthropic foundations and private entrepreneurs. Two guest speakers, Prof. Peter Marcuse and Prof. Heather Campbell, along with an array of 30 local experts engaged an audience of 150 participants during two days of stimulating lectures, panels and small workshops, all designed to provoke new ways of thinking about how the cities we live in can transform into just and sustained cities.