Professor Tovi Fenster

The founder and the Head of PEC- Planning Environment and Communities- Lab at the Department of Geography and Human Environment, Tel Aviv University. Head of the Institue of Diplomacy and Regional cooperation in Tel-Aviv University. Head of NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program (2007-2009) . Chair of the IGU Commission on Gender and Geography (2004-2008). One of the Founders and first Chair of Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights in Israel (2000-2003). She has published some 60 articles and book chapters on ethnicity, citizenship and gender in planning and development. She is the editor of Gender, Planning and Human Rights (1999, Routldege), the author of The Global City and the Holy City: Narratives on Knowledge, Planning and Diversity (2004, Pearson) and Who’s City Is IT? Planning, Knowledge and Everyday Life (Hebrew) (hakibbutz hameuchad 2012).