The clinic offers a program that combines housing rights, spatial planning and real estate entrepreneurship. The clinic provides theoretical knowledge and practical training in planning and development with and for communities, from a human rights perspective. The clinic examines and implements models for bottom-up planning, and promotes affordable housing, urban-regeneration and private-public partnerships. The clinic engages and promotes these issues both on a local level, and as general policy issues. Students of planning, law and management taking part in the clinic and together with academic and clinical supervisors, act as agents of practical and strategic change. During the academic year, students are exposed to core dilemmas that arise in field work, from the  encounters with other players dealing with planning issues, and the power relations between the players. All these are dealt with from three perspectives: planning, law and business.

The clinic’s field work includes five different projects, each dealing with obtaining and maintaining planning rights, using the fields of knowledge fundamental to this clinic:

Jaffa Gimel – continuation of the work that has been done in the neighborhood over the past two years, aimed at accompanying, representing, and finding a solution for residents of 4 buildings in Jaffa Gimel who are dealing with pre-demolition orders (order no.3) . At this point, the project is dealing with allying with a private entrepreneur for building according to TAMA 38.

Shem Ha’Gdolim – work with residents of a public housing project for the Arab community, aimed at changing and improving the physical and social deprived space.

Affordable Housing – the clinic is one of the partners of The Coalition for Affordable Housing, aimed at promoting and implementing a clear policy.

Planning Objections – accompanying communities in the process of objecting to plans that infringe their rights.

Residents Planning Themselves – work with the community in Me’onot Yam neighborhood, Bat-Yam, as part of the urban landscape architecture municipal biennale in Bat-Yam.

The clinic is in cooperation with:
The Haim Catsman Gazit-Globe real estate institute, the faculty of management
The clinical legal education program, faculty of law

Academic supervisors: Prof. Tovi Fenster,  Prof. Neta ZivDr. Efrat Tolkowsky
Field work supervisors: Arch. Tal Kulkaattorney Ora BloomAnat Rodnizky