Secteur public health programs are designed to offer low-cost or cost-free services to individuals and communities experiencing a variety of conditions including heart problems, osteoporosis, breathing difficulties, diabetes, immunology, infectious illnesses, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, occupational health and wellbeing, aging, work-related stress, and tobacco work with. These wellness programs give attention to prevention, treatment, and power over these and other chronic health hazards. The Secteur public health plan focuses on quality improvement through education, research, and practice improvement. The program aims to promote community well-being by looking into making communities even more aware of the health conditions, and improve the general quality of life through comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and systemwide strategies.

The Secteur public well-being program incorporates five disciplines into a extensive strategy for health promo and management in Canada. These types of fields of medicine comprise professional medical sciences; applied health sciences; epidemiology; preventive medicine; overall health services administration; and public health administration. The strategies and activities of the system are integrated with each other and supply a complete public health service. It aims to develop the primary healthcare system by simply emphasizing within the development of an extensive interdisciplinary staff to address the needs of all sectors of this population.

The goals for the program are to enhance the overall health status within the Canadian the community by optimizing the health delivery system. Among the many services that is to be provided by the Secteur general population sector include the following: teaching primary medical care professionals; protecting against, treating and minimizing avoidable illnesses; protecting against, treating and reducing morbidity and fatality; disseminate information regarding health and diet; and develop community alliance as a vital component of the strategy for healthiness. The aims of this program are noticed by the creation of community health information management networks and coordinating bodies. The objectives also include the enhancement of rural economic development. Finally, the objectives of the method are noticed through direct financial support to the Secteur program coming from government, nongovernmental organizations and private sectors.